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Thursday 21.7.

See you in Haparanda! – Nähdään Haaparannassa! A meet in Haparanda, Sweden at 6:30-7:00 swedish time, by muusku

Countdown to Mega -meet …0 21.7.2022 at 18:00-19:00 in Tornio, Kaakamo lean-to by Jupe09

Friday 22.7.

You can stay overnight in your own caravan or tent at Laivakangas with a small price. More information and reservations info@laivakangas.fi.

Villiä elämää-Vilda liv  A meet in Haparanda, Sweden at klo 10:00-11:00 swedish time, by Byibis

Hejsan Haparanda! / Heippa Haaparanta!  A meet in Haparanda, Sweden at 17:30-18:00 swedish time, by Mika_N

Keskiyöllä Kojamoa katsomaan A meet in Tornio, at 23:15-23:45 by SarppaN

Saturday 23.7. – Luonnostaan villi – MEGA

10:00 Opening an Lab-caches opens j

Kapeka opens the Mega-event by cutting the ribbon. Bingo-coupons distribution starts.

10:15 You can go to do Labs inside.

11:00 Restautants opens inside and outside. Restautamts by Laivakankaan ravirata.

15:30 Lotteries

16:00 Log book closes

There will be for example shop Kivenalla.fi shop. Kivenalla shop is selling there events coins, t-shirts and many other things to geocaching.

Singnal the Frog is there as long as possible.

There is also a ”Muggle park” where you can find a muggle who knows places in Meri-Lappi and can quide you and you can teach geocaching to them.

There is act to kids too, you can for exaple colour geocaching pictures and there is an excellent playground too in Laivakangas.

Saturday 23.7.

Olipas se villiä…. CCE-meet, in Tornio, Laivakangas at 16:30-18:30 by miaumiia

Sunday 24.7.

Villit siivoukset – CITO-event in Tornio, Aittakenttä at 10:00-12:00 by kemistit150. To please to city of Tornio we will clean up with visiters on MEGA. Cleaning area will be in the centre on the city of Tornio, in the middle of Lukiokatu, Länsiranta, Torikatu and Puutarhakatu. Trash backs comes and trash goes at Jätekeskus Jäkälä.

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